The Brothers Karamazov

Dostoevsky’s ugly sprawling magnum opus is widely considered one of the greatest novels ever written, and has been endlessly discussed and dissected by scholars in a wide variety of disciplines. No scholar of Russian, Professor Kozlowski does his level best to read through the Pevear/Volokhonsky translation, discussing the novel’s structure, philosophy, history, and interpretations. Inexpert though he is, you’ll find his interpretation often diverts from the scholarly consensus to try and get at the full picture of Dostoevsky’s vision, informed by Dostoevsky’s own suspicions of “liberal” nineteenth-century European philosophy and his trust in Orthodox Christianity.

Here you’ll find the complete series of lectures, undertaken in the Spring of 2022, in which Professor Kozlowski reads the whole book, section by section. Feel free to read along, choose chapters relevant to your interests, or just listen through for your own edification.


Book 1: “A Nice Little Family”

Book 2: “An Inappropriate Gathering”

Book 3: “The Sensualists”

Book 4: “Strains”

Book 5: “Pro and Contra”

Book 6: “The Russian Monk”

Book 7: “Alyosha”

Book 8-1: “Mitya” – Decision

Book 8-2: “Mitya” – Delirium

Book 9: “The Preliminary Investigation”

Book 10: “Boys”

Book 11-1: Where is “Brother Ivan Fyodorovich”?

Book 11-2: “Brother Ivan Fyodorovich” and the Devil

Book 12-1: “A Judicial Error” – Prosecution

Book 12-2 & “Epilogue”

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